Dryer One

the ultimate drying technology  

Simplified mechanics

  • The gap of approximately 2m between the plates makes it easy to access and move around inside the dryer, which has interior lighting.
  • Direct access to almost all mechanical components from the exterior.
  • No noise pollution thanks to the fans being located inside the dryer together with insulated external walls.




Height of 
external wall

of boiler

Fan power

 80 m²  8,6 m 4,3 m  6 + 2 m  3 MW  4 x 37 kW
 140 m²  11,1 m 5,5 m  10 + 2 m  4,5 MW  4 x 55 kW
 220 m²  13,6 m 6,2 m  10 + 2 m  8,5 MW  4 x 75 kW
 320 m²  16,3 m 7,4 m  10 + 2 m  14,0 MW  4 x 90 kW

The DRYER ONE™ unit

is equipped with insulating metal silo walls. The compact size and circular shape of the unit offer several advantages :
  • small ground surface area occupation
  • can be installed indoors or outdoors
  • installation requires a loading crane
  • stable and resistant to wind

Due to its low weight, only shallow foundations are required (20cm reinforced concrete).



Simple maintenance

Essentially the DRYER ONE™ drive system requires only 2 gearmotors of few kW per rotating plate. This has several advantages : much lower electricity consumption during locomotion, simpler maintenance, silence when in use, very low risk of production incidents, ... Most testing and maintenance tasks can be carried out quickly, without generally having to stop production.


Security : reduced risk of fire

  • the continuous flow and round shape prevent material from sticking or heating up
  • very little static electricity
  • low temperature drying (60-90°C) (140-194°F)
  • easy access to the dryer interior to detect and resolve fire hazards. These two functions can be programmed.