Dryer One

the ultimate drying technology  

The DRYER ONE™ unit, powered by a cogeneration plant,
is the perfect solution for drying forest and agricultural products, as well as optimising waste


  • Hot water is brought from a cogeneration unit.

  • The heat exchanger transfers the heat from the hot water into ambient air. The heated air is then drawn into the dryer.

  • Cooled water evacuation after exchange.

  • The incoming air is dry and hot (60-90°C)(140-194°F).

  • The reverse counter-current air flow (moving from the top to the bottom of the dryer) presses through material laying on the rotating plates, this largely prevents dust dispersion.

  • The outgoing cooled air (25-30°C)(77-86°F), almost completely saturated with moisture, is evacuated via the central chimney.

  • The first rotating plate gradually and partially evaporates the moisture.

  • Material is transferred from the lower plate to the higher plate via a bucket elevator or a vertical screw conveyor. During the transfer, the material is rotated and mixed, providing better quality and even drying.

  • The second rotating plate completes the drying process and allows the hot air to absorb residual moisture.

The DRYER ONE™ unit is not exclusively dedicated to cogeneration. Hot air can also be produced by an auxiliary boiler, powered by the client´s choice of gas, LPG.



Hot Water Input Hot Air Input