Dryer One

the ultimate drying technology  

Easy and fast production changes, the DRYER ONE™ dryer adapts to a wide range of materials. It also ensures a more even moisture level at the end of process, as well as protecting the integrity of the material being dried.


The compact size and circular shape of the unit offers several advantages as a good stability and resistance to wind. Due to its low weight, only shallow fundations are required (20cm reinforced concrete).


DRYER ONE™ enables budget savings : small ground surface area occupation, energy savings of 30%, easy and low cost maintenance, automation of several functions.


The DRYER ONE™ dryers have very simple mechanics with only a few moving parts. The accesses to the various equipment are easy and most testing and maintenance tasks can be carried out quickly, without generally having to stop production.


Easy to use. The HMI control unit automatically controls the drying process depending on the type of material. The sensors, distributed in the dryer, forward to a CPU the temperature and humidity data throughout the process.


Reduction of fire risks: continuous flow and round shape prevent material from sticking and heating up, very little static electricity, low temperature drying between 60 and 90°C (140°F and 194°F), easy access to the dryer interior to detect and resolve fire hazards.